Whittaker vs Romero 2

Whittaker vs Romero 2 UFC main EVENT : Staff of bloody Kooha made his choice for the UFC 225 and I’m not sure this “UFC 225: Whittaker vs. Romero 2” He should be called. “At that time, Robert was abolished after Whittaker and Yale Romeroero lacked Timothy J. Roemer’s weight, but we know it’s not a fight for a title. In theory, Raphael dos anjus Kirby could be a massive event for example the Vatican versus Romeo .Anyway, every day with Robert Vetaker, he and Euro Romero go on a Saturday night.

There are results of the UFC 225 for the Romeo vs. to fight against the MMA. On June 9 in Chicago, the United States on June 9, Votaker, Eliocus, and the latest updates of live blocks and UFC 225 Twitter updates.

Whittaker vs Romero 2 || On Fight UFC

In the event of the event, Robert Whittaker met Yale Romero for the second time. Whittaker’s middle belt will not be on line because Romero can not be Friday.

Former UFC Lightweight Championship Rafael Doss Injaus defeated Colli Cowarton on the main UFC medal title event at night.

Anton Tabina: Romero will always be dangerous, but the Vatican is most likely to have done the best after his first start. Regardless of what I want to pick up on the Romero scale, I highlighted Whittaker and now I hope more than one relationship. Robert Vicker lately.

Mickey Alexander: Val Romero lowered weight. This is a boot without a title and it’s three times (I assume). By the way, these were my thoughts before I remembered the weight, and nothing was changed here. My choice was almost ended after all the health problems that were totally excluded from the vet who had previously called this year. I do not think about this change in this change and it’s better than the antenna at speed and time. His first shoe is still unusual in the fight against the UFC in Rome. I hope Romeo will build a fake missile to fight in one way. Rockhold is a relatively basic and relatively wooden structure, while Whittaker rotates corner angles and punishes criminals. I know that there is a third circle of romantic fear, but with ceramic helmets they do not control Romero. I hope we get together, but this choice is not yet Robert Vicker with a consistent decision.

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