Crawford vs Horn

Crawford vs Horn Full Fight: It takes a while, but the real-pound can finally get your moment in light. Growing Junior Welterweight Terence’s Enforced Current WBO Champion Jeff Horn will be the 147th pound division in the Las Vegas weekend to fight the first band.

The kernel (18-0, 12 cus) has sent shock waves in the sport to win a shocking unanimous decision on Man Pacquiao in July 2017, which recorded the title which won the title, which will be defended on Saturday night. Although ideas about some domestic cooking were in mind of many combatants, Pacquiao refused to use the necessary revised clause against Australia. Horn in December 2017 was the title of the title against Gary Corkon, where he retained his belt in 11 overs with TTO.

Crawford vs Horn || WBO welterweight Full Fight

Horn and his coach Gulen Rushon suggested that he be charged with the weight.

Horn said, “I think somebody dropped weight because we stressed that at least we could try when we tried.”

“I think his sleeve was caused by a slight trick because he had only a low weight and I just finished.” I thought I was a little weight. “

But the highest ranking officer in rank, Brad Jacob, said the claims were “fun”.

Jacob said that “scale on the scale is measured by the New Zealand Nuclear Commission, the Commission, and security people have seen.”

“This is the weight of man and he went to Corverford.”

The awesome Horn card was one of the three fighters who lost their weight.

The Nevada State Atomic Commission, however, has raised only half of the design fights, because it could be the first time that it has been opened for the first time thanks to the opening of the door.

December 31, 2011, when he defeated Julius Indongo where he defeated the four band in the no-division division of Jermain Taylor, who defeated his third round TKO for the first time (32-0, 23 cousins) Afterwards 2006. Match Hours finished with the official release of his WBO Junior Welterweight Championship, so it can get in medzipodveľby after the essential athlete Horns crowned.

Croatia versus Necklace is held on Saturday, June 9 at the GMG Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and Croverford is a great favorite (-850) from Australia (+525). The event’s podium starts at 18:30. ET + on ESPN with central card at 21:30. In addition to the main event, a 10-round lightweight competition will be part of the central card between Jose Pedroza and Antonio Moran.

The above is a look at Corvorford vs the full. Horn, which is in Las Vegas.

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