Andrei Arlovski vs Tai Tuivasa

Andrei Arlovski vs Tai Tuivasa : One of the exhibitors of Mastersburst Ultimate Fighting (UFC) Ambulance Immigration Nikintos Andrei Orlossei, a Tai Tiwas SV Bubotio (June 9, 2018) VIC 225 225V and Center VV Cheraga, Illinois.

Andrei Arlovski vs Tai Tuivasa || UFC Main Event

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Zaman: 28-15 (1)
Klubové víťazstvá: Trace Boron (UFC 187), Junior Albini (UFC Fight Knight 120), Frank Mir (YFC 191), Antonio Sawwa (UFC Fight Knight 51), Fribue Wardom (UFC 70 )
Klokov straty: Stipe Miocic (UFC 195), Alistair Premium (UFC Fights Night 87), Francis Ngannou (UFC Ni Focus 23), Markin Tybura (UFC Fights Night 111)
Kľúč k víťazstvu: Historic speaking Bol Arlovský vždy bojovník, Casting of Crystal, as the first, with Klove Arlovies neurobel, you first wait. Vo svojom poslednom víakazv bol bolllovski oveľa ochotnejší a zápas zápas. Friends Guestbook | Shouts Your visit will not be logged. Your visit will be logged. Shouts The shouts of drkrk are only visible for his friends.

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